- Simple onboarding demo

Design a simple and easy, non-intrusive demonstration of’s core product as well as new offerings.

Create a non-intrusive joy ride demo for prospective users

The objective was to create a click-through demo that didn’t require users to share an e-mail address or any other personal information before “trying” the product, a point where Import often lost prospective customers.

Show different use cases

Demonstrate and walk through the most common customer uses of the platform. Customers could try out one or multiple flows to see sample data and deliverables.

Make a CTA "ask" then ease the user into the platform

After walking through a sample user flow, the customer could then onboard onto the product with a much better idea of how to use it for their specific needs.

Initial drawing for onboarding project.

User journey showing proposed multiple paths for’s top six use cases.

Detail of user journey mapping with an early wireframe for the initial prototype for testing.

Upon landing on the websites home page, a customer could choose to take a test drive. The screen would blur and the UI for the test drive would appear.

After taking the tour, the user could then decide to try another path, sign up, talk to a data consultant, or check out plans and pricing.