- Tab navigation expansion

Design of tab navigation for expansion of product offerings including reporting and portal/dashboard pages.

Create simple navigation to show expanded product offerings

Introduce tabbed navigation to existing customers as well as expanded product offerings driving the update.

Color, shape, and shadow to show affordance

Make the tabs obvious, make the tabs easy to use.

Simple onboarding joyride

Quick onboard balloons showing new features as well how to use and access them.

The main product page before redesign Navigation needed to be introduced to direct users to the new sharing portal and reporting features.

Whiteboard ideation and sketching. Import had a very unique and memorable design language, using gradients and color in inventive and fun ways. We wanted to leverage that colorful playfulness to make the new tabs noticed.

Preliminary wireframes with extractor, portal, report tabs. Also showing an early version of graphic reinforcing current tab to the user. Early concept of portal/dash also showing early wireframes for info cards

Tab design close to finalization, the header is starting to evolve at this time. Refinement of colors and header in progress. With the new areas and users generally only working in one area, it was important to give them a sense of place.

Final revision showing portal with project cards in place. The cards were based on Material Design principles and could expand to accommodate charts and other data visualizations.