The basics

Product/Visual/UI/IX/UX/motion/graphic designer, bit herder, pixel worker, DIYer, gamer, ATL sports fan, husband, and dad.

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More detail?

The elevator speech

I am a Senior Designer with skills in Product, Visual, UI, UX, IxD, web, and icon design as well as motion graphics. In my role as a visual/IxD/ID/UX designer for enterprise software, I’ve worked for industry leaders such as Symantec, HP, and AT&T as well as in the crucible of the start-up environment with Clearwell, Space-Time Insight,, and Ayasdi.
I’m driven as an advocate for the user, striving to create processes and interfaces that not only help clients and users to complete tasks but to do it in the most elegant, simple way possible. My focus is to create beautiful, functional products and interfaces that are easy to use and understand. I consider myself a craftsman who takes great pride in his work and also a grinder that will go above and beyond putting in the hours needed to bring a project home. I endeavor to be a supportive team-mate with a great sense of humor and an uncanny knowledge of trivia.
I’ve also specialized in designing marketing materials such as logos, print, and web, brochures, photography, and trade show collateral. I have an extensive background in online and print advertising and can offer a strategic approach to design ensuring that campaigns are both attractive and effective.

For even more details, please download my resume either in word or pdf.

What do I do?

A little bit of everything

Product Design

Full stack design from cocktail napkin ideation to final handoff to dev.

Interface Design

Stylish interface designs using best practices for simplicity, ease of use, and delight.

User Experience

User research and testing. Wireframes and task flow based on user needs. Driven to create intuitive, user-friendly software.

Graphic and Web Design

Over 20 years of design experience in identity and marketing campaigns. Web, print, video, and trade show design experienced.

Visual Design

Pixel perfect design for apps, websites, and digital experiences from the ground up using a variety of tools.

Motion Design

Logo stings, product animations, and editorial created using After Effects and other industry standard tools.